Today I’d like to share my recipe for Pumpkin Bread.  This is a great recipe for those larger cans of pumpkin as it makes 3 loaves.  It’s a perfect big family recipe—but it freezes well for a small family too!     Autumn Pumpkin Bread 1 29oz. can pumpkin puree 1 1/2 c. […]


  Fall is here and that means pumpkin time! I am sure you are seeing pumpkin recipes pop up everywhere and rightfully so— pumpkin is a healthy and nutritional choice for many and full of vitamins. So be sure to incorporate some pumpkin into your menus this this season. Today we are sharing three easy […]


Today we have a special post by our sweet contributor Rebekah:     Last month we looked at the “why” of meal planning, and I shared with you six different ways in which meal planning can prove beneficial. Today we’re diving into the “how” and seeing exactly what the process of meal planning actually looks like. […]

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If you have always wanted to learn how to begin canning but just haven’t had the time–this post is for you! Back in the day (and even now) many homemakers loved to can for different reasons: to save money prepare for hard economic times to preserve their harvest to give as gifts long shelf life […]

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My hope today is to encourage some of you homemakers who feel overwhelmed when it comes to the care of your home. I’m still a learner even after 30 years and I hope you will always consider yourselves learners. What I’m sharing with you are tasks and routines that have worked well for me over […]

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Today we have a special post by our sweet contributor Rebekah:   Several weeks back, I shared with you a list of practical tips for cutting your grocery budget, one of which was meal planning, and then promised to walk you through meal planning 101 in a future post. Well, today, I want to begin to […]

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This time of year seems to be the busiest for us. It seems like we are being pulled in so many directions. Once school starts we have school work, field trips, library trips, school planning, homeschool group commitments, club meetings, and extracurricular activities.   Fall brings fall festivals, planning and shopping for the holidays, Christmas […]

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“A pleasant atmosphere in the home creates a beautiful background for happy memories. Because I want the warm atmosphere and the good memories it fosters, I plan for it. I plan the meals, including how I set the dinner table and make it beautiful. I plan for order in the home, for the housework, for […]

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