Book List

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Daughters should be using their time well and reading books is a wonderful way to learn more about godliness, character, life, homemaking, and so forth, but please, don’t just give your daughter just any kind of books. Be prayerful and selective about what kinds of books to give them. As a young girl I came across many books that were inappropriate, a waste of time, or just fed the flesh. Books have the power to influence and teach our children for good or evil so be sure of what you are placing in front of them. I make it a habit to always look/read through the books my children read so I know exactly what is being put in front of them.

Here are some recommended books for daughters that I have either had my daughters already read that I highly recommend or will have them read in the near future. They are not in any specific order:


The Bible

Raising Maidens of Virtue

Polished Cornerstones-Doorposts

Lamplighter Books-various authors 19th century fiction includes a godly theme/character

Beautiful Girlhood-Mabel Hale

The Golden Gems of Life-SC Ferguson

Life of Faith Series

Elsie Dinsmore Series

Bible Doctrine/Theology

Stepping Heavenward-Elizabeth Prentiss

For Instruction in Righteousness-Doorposts

Daughters of Destiny

Christian Character-Gary Maldaner

Books on Christian Missionaries-various authors

The Hopechest-Rebekah Wilson

Homemaking/The Family and anything by JR Miller

Keepers at Home – Keepers of Faith

Foxes Book of Martyrs

Voice of the Martyrs Magazine

World Magazine

Creation Magazine

The Courtship of Sarah McLean-Castleberry Farms Press

Jeff McLean: His Courtship-Castleberry Farms Press

Do Hard Things-Alex and Brett Harris

Start Here-Alex and Brett Harris

Before You Meet Prince Charming-Sarah Malley

I Kissed Dating Good-Bye-Joshua Harris

Noble Womanhood–Pearables 19th century writing

Little House on the Prairie Series

Daughters of Destiny-Noelle Goforth

The Kings Daughter and other Choice Stories

Mother-Kathleen Norris

Making Brothers and Sisters Best Friends-Sarah Malley

Ten P’s in a Pod-A. Pent

The Excellent Wife-Martha Peace

Training Our Daughters to Be Keepers At Home-Ann Ward

Social Graces- Anne Platz

Rod and Staff Readers–Amish readers

The Moody Series- Sarah Maxwell

Choice Stories for Children-Ernest Lloyd

The Kathleen McKenzie Series

My Mommy, My Teacher-Johannah Bluedorn

Christian Charm Course-Emily Hunter

The Princess and the Kiss

When reading literature, occasionally you might run across undesirable topics. I always advise parents to use it as a tool to teach a biblical worldview. Some parents even make it a “game” or “challenge” to find areas in a book or piece of writing to note feminism, sin, agendas, fallacies in logic and so forth as they can make for excellent points of discussion.

Our daughters and sons are too precious to put just anything before their eyes. We must guide them to use their time wisely and reading good books is a wonderful way to do this while challenging the spirit. Let us all set an appreciation for high standards and quality literature for reading in our homes!