RaisingHomemakers.com was born out of a desire to grow, learn, and be encouraged in how to run a household for the glory of God.

I am a “young” mom of three small babes, and always wanted to stay home and raise them up…but I had no idea how hard it would be!  I was never taught any homemaking arts, but I want to be a woman who perseveres through the “tough” so that I can not only look back knowing I was intentional with my family, but I am able to teach and train my daughters in the skills necessary for running a household!

This space is for you and me to journey together in learning how to teach and train our daughters in the homemaking arts to the glory of God…and to re-train ourselves!  We are extremely blessed to have wise, older women willing to give their time to teach us what they’ve learned and to encourage us in the way.  I am grateful some of them are writers here.

It is my prayer that you would leave here with knowledge, skill, and hope that Jesus can overcome our failures and lead us in His strength to being grace-filled homemakers…and homemaker teachers!

-Sarah Mae



We are so thankful to Sarah Mae for creating this lovely space for us! My daughters and I are honored and humbled,  to continue carrying the torch of “Raising Homemakers” and help light the way for future and present homemakers as the new owners. May it always be a place where women can come, learn, and simply be blessed. To God be the Glory!

-Mrs. June Fuentes and Daughters