5 Winter Medicine Cabinet Essentials

by June Fuentes on December 8, 2018 in HOMEMAKING, Tools

Our family got the flu in January, I am so glad that it is over and done with!

Every winter we there are colds, flus, and viruses to contend with.

This year especially since the flu was more rampant we want to be sure to stock our home with some basic essentials and make sure our medicine cabinet is fully stocked.

Here are 5 things that you should have:

  1. Vitamins – Be sure to keep your immune system boosted and have Vitamin C, Vitamin D and some Zinc lozenges on hand. And don’t forget the throat lozenges¬†for sore throats!


2. Elderberry Syrup – you can make your own by buying your own elderberries or get one that is already made like this one. This is great to take when you start feeling symptoms because I have heard it can even shorten the duration of illness too.

3. Essential Oils & Diffuser – some of the most popular essential oils in the winter are peppermint, eucalyptus, wintergreen, frankincense and tea tree oil. Be sure to have a good diffuser to make it easier to breathe too! We like to have more than one to place in different rooms throughout the house.

4. Raw Honey & Garlic – Everyone knows the powerful properties of these two items can pack a punch. We recommend raw organic honey if possible and if you are able to get it locally that is even better.

5. Winter Teas – There are many out there that are great, here are a few of interest:

Gypsy Cold Care

Cold Season Sampler

Ginger Tea

Echinacea Immune Support

-Breathe Deep

Don’t forget to have a good humidifier on hand as well!

If you want to learn more on this topic, you might want to check out this book: Herbal Medicine Natural Remedies: 150 Herbal Remedies to Heal Common Ailments.


We hope you have a healthy winter with these tips!

What else would *you* add?

Please share them in the comments!

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