When Understanding Is Enough

by Chelsea on March 24, 2017 in Faithfulness, Grace

You may have noticed that I’ve been missing from the Raising Homemakers blog for a while. To tell you the truth, I’ve been struggling a lot with writing here. The thoughts that keep going through my mind revolve around “I don’t have anything to say. Why would anyone care what I’m doing or what I think? My life is such a mess, why would anyone listen to me? I can’t keep it together right now, so how can I tell anyone anything?”

At some point this month, I came to the realization that sometimes you don’t have to say anything. Sometimes a person just needs someone to listen to them, not to give them advice necessarily, but just to nod in agreement and offer the words, “I’ve been there too”. Or, “I don’t know what the answer is, but I understand and I am praying for you.”

So let me encourage you, that when you feel like you have no ability to offer advice to someone, sometimes the words “I understand” can mean so much. And you don’t have to be perfect or have the answer to come alongside someone and say, “I understand”.

And to the overwhelmed Mama who feels like the colds will never go away, the kitchen will never be clean, who keeps missing deadlines, who struggles with a child’s attitude every day, who (when she get’s a rare afternoon “off”) scrambles in a daze trying to get caught up on everything – well, I don’t have any advice for you. But, I UNDERSTAND <3


Chelsea is wife to Jon, a fireman, and Mama to three energetic little boys. After both having been homeschooled, Chelsea and Jon are now embarking on homeschooling their children as well as starting their family homestead. She also is owner of Chelsea Michal Designs and a custom longarm quilting service. You can see her work and follow along with all her crafting and homesteading adventures at her blog on Facebook and Instagram.

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Winona March 25, 2017

Thanks for understanding ?

JP March 26, 2017

I feel so foolish. Crying as I read this. Something so simple that I don’t think I realized I needed. In a season of life where it just seems impossible to keep up with everything. A husband who is always trying to ‘fix’ all my struggles, friends who don’t get it, or are too caught up in their own struggles. My how I wish one of them could just pause and say ‘I understand’.

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