Many years ago when my oldest daughters were about 10 and 15 a friend gave me this book to look through to teach homemaking to my daughters. It was Training Our Daughters to Be Keepers at Home. 

I have been asked many times if there was a book or some type of curriculum that a mother could teach to her daughter covering much of the basics of homemaking (something that could even be added to the school year). I think that this book does a good job of covering many of the important topics. You can pick and choose what you’d like to do and it includes many projects.

Here is a description from a popular homeschool catalog:

“An ambitious seven-year program with day-by-day lesson plans to help prepare young ladies for the challenging task of managing their own homes. Considering the multitude of skills needed and diversity of jobs which are part of good home management, it is a formidable undertaking. This 601-page course incorporates both practical training in these skills and in developing Godly character through Scriptural study to enable girls to serve God as keepers at home (whether single or married). The program is meant to be used about 90 minutes per day, five days a week, during a 36-week school year. It’s not as much work as it sounds, though, since much of the course work is actual practice of the skills, not book-work. Courses include:


  • Cooking
  • Godly Womanhood
  • Sewing
  • Caring for the Sick/Injured
  • Gardening
  • Childbearing/Breastfeeding
  • Braiding Rugs
  • Child Development
  • Hospitality
  • Making a House a Home
  • Child Training
  • Flower Arranging
  • Knitting
  • Family Finances
  • Crocheting
  • Making Greeting Cards
  • Embroidery
  • Caring for Elderly
  • Raising Animals
  • Comfort Grieving
  • Cross-stitch
  • Family Celebrations
  • Basketry
  • Soapmaking/Candlemaking
  • Home Business


Complete instructions are included for some areas (including directions for 23 projects), but some also require the use of outside resources (about 7 per year, as listed in the curriculum). Most of these can be borrowed from the library, but you may want to purchase some as a kind of “starter” for your daughter’s own home library.


You can pick and choose how you use this curriculum though, and sometimes moms even do this with a group of mom and daughters.

What a mom had to say:


I am very impressed by this well thought out curriculum (for seven years!) that will prepare a young woman in so many ways to live a fulfilling life. I love the idea of teaching my daughter such practical skills and knowledge that I wished I had known when I was growing up. Although I am still young, I put a high value on this curriculum, which will enable me to be able to teach myself at the same time I teach my daughter. This book gives me the tools I need and leads me to more other helpful resources. This is a must have for Christian homeschooling moms with daughters between the ages of seven and eighteen who value wisdom and practical knowledge such as cooking, sewing, knitting, taking care of older people, and so much more.”


If you have been looking for something like this you can find it HERE.

What are your favorite books to teach your daughter about homemaking?

Please share them in the comments below!




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June Fuentes

June Fuentes is the happy wife to Steve and blessed homeschooling mother to eight beautiful children that they are raising for the Lord. She has a heart to see mothers all around the world grasp the vision of biblical motherhood and to see this noble role restored in the 21st century to the glory of God. June strongly believes that weak homes equate a weak nation and therefore blogs at A Wise Woman Builds Her Home to minister to Christian women on how to build up strong Christian homes. She is also the owner of Raising Homemakers, and is the author of the encouraging eBooks, True Christian Motherhood and How to Build a Strong Christian Home. She is the founder of Wise Woman Consulting, her service to teach women how to successfully make money blogging at home and a consultant for Lilla Rose, where you can find unique and beautiful hair products. She would love for you to join her on the journey to biblical womanhood on Facebook and Twitter at @wisewomanbuilds.

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Sharon Cameron July 10, 2017

Love this book.Used it with both of my girls.I learned a lot myself.I still refer to it.

Kristy July 10, 2017

We have that particular book as well. My oldest worked on it some last year. It is rather ambitious, but even with its length, I was surprised by the breadth of the book. For example, there is a section on planning funeral arrangements.

Rachel July 10, 2017

Always interested In this topic! We need it so much even in our church world! Some are dying arts….

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