Coloring Eggs for Easter Using Kool-Aid

by Anna Taylor on March 23, 2017 in Activities, Budget Friendly, Creativity, Fun, Holidays

We are into the season of Lent and Easter is just a little over three weeks away. The birth of our first grandchild Gavin five weeks ago has resulted in me remember all of the things we used to do as a family when our kids were little. One of my fondest memories is coloring eggs with them during the week leading up to Easter. They loved the time they got to spend with me with me almost as much as I did. After the annual egg hunt and Easter service on Sunday morning I would make deviled eggs to serve with our Easter dinner.

In the past I always purchased the store bought egg coloring kits. However, it always seemed to me that you were really just paying for packaging. And no matter how long I left the eggs soaking in the vinegar, they just wouldn’t get any darker. This led me to try to discover new ways of coloring Easter Eggs and I came up with not only a way that offers a wide variety colors, but one that is very unique. Today I am going to share my discover with you on how to color eggs at home with Kool-Aid. It’s very easy and offers a unique assortment of colors. And besides that, it takes very little time and smells really amazing. So let’s get started.


Variety of Kool-Aid flavor packets (non-sweetened)

10 oz. or larger cups or coffee mugs (one for each color, large enough to hold 2/3 cup water plus an egg)

Cool water

Plates or trays to dry colored eggs on

Paper towels

Protective coverings for work surface

Coloring the Eggs:

You will need to start with hard boiled eggs (as a bonus tip, this link will show you an easy way to hard boil eggs that won’t leave the center yolk a yucky green-ish color).

Second, you want to choose what colors you want to color your eggs. I chose an assortment of Kool-Aid flavors including grape, peach mango, cherry, watermelon, tropical punch, orange, green apple, lemonade, and blue raspberry lemonade. I guarantee not many other moms had eggs these colors. You will also need one 10 oz. or greater cup for each color you have chosen (larger coffees mugs and juice glasses work very well, just make sure have a wide enough rim to easily add and remove the eggs and that the water won’t overflow when you put the eggs in).

Once you’ve chosen your colors of Kool-Aid packets, pour 2/3 cup cool water into each cup and add one packet of Kool-Aid to each and stir well.

Next, place a cooled hard-boiled egg into each cup and let sit for 10-15 minutes. The length of time you leave the egg in the water will determine how light or dark the color of the egg will be. With a little practice you will be able to determine how long to let each egg sit to achieve your desired color (don’t try to check the color of an egg while it is being dyed because this will chip the color off and result in uneven coloring). Once an egg has been in the cup for the time required for your perfect color, carefully remove it and place it on a plate lined with a paper towel to dry. Make sure the eggs have completely dried before handling and storing them (it will take between 15 and 30 minutes for them to dry).

Voila’, beautifully colored Easter eggs.

A couple of thinks to keep in mind. First, cover your counter top or table to protect it from in case any of the Kool-Aid is accidentally spilled. Since the Kool-Aid is concentrated it will definitely stain surfaces, especially lighter ones. Second, a reminder to not “check” your eggs as they dye because this will chip the color off in the process. And third, have fun sharing this experience with your kids!

I hope you have a wonderful week and a Blessed Easter.


Anna Taylor

Anna is the devoted wife and helpmate to her beloved husband Dr. Robert Taylor. Having always loved the Proverbs 31 woman, she felt her calling to be a stay-at-home mother to their four children. Though she and her husband are now empty nesters, Anna still enjoys being there for her children just as she was when they lived at home. She has a heart for God and is strong in her faith as a Christian. She used her skills for homemaking and frugality to raise their children and now uses those same skills to be a blessing to others through her blog. Anna also practices the art of hospitality and enjoys cooking and sharing her faith to feed the body as well as the soul. Her hobbies include crafting, gardening, fitness and photography, and she can be found at The Joyful Wife or on Face Book.

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