There Are No Words…

by Mandy on March 24, 2016 in Grace, Holidays, Purpose, Servanthood


When you have a blog post to write, it’s not good to be at a loss for words. That is how I feel this week. It’s not a case of writer’s block. It’s not a lack of events of life from which to draw–as a wife and mommy, my life is busy and full. As a Christian, there should always be something God is teaching me that I could share with others. But, I am still struggling with the words today…

How do I find the words to express the heartbreak and shame I feel when the enemy digs up my past sins and rubs my nose in them?

What words can adequately describe My Heavenly Father, who loves me so much that He gave up His one and only Son? I cannot imagine giving up my child for anyone, much less a wretch like me.


How do I explain the sacrifice and devotion of My Redeemer, who was so compelled by His love for me that He chose to leave His throne in heaven knowing full well what His life on earth would be like.

easter 1

When I think of the abuse, torture, pain, suffering, and brutal death Jesus endured, words escape me…
There are absolutely NO words.

easter 2

There are no words to adequately describe My Savior, who rescues me from myself and from the prince of this world.

There just are no words that explain something that I cannot comprehend or fathom. The fact that He did this for me leaves me beyond speechless.

Jesus deserves more than mere words. He deserves more than actions. He deserves more than little old me.

There is awe and wonder. There are tears of brokenness and repentance. There is lying face down at the feet of My Redeemer, only to find Him lifting me up and placing me in His lap. There is His firm hand of caring discipline, and His gentle wiping away of my tears. There is His grace, mercy, and boundless forgiveness.

There is overflowing love and gratitude for Him. There are shouts of joy and songs of praise. There is the broken heart I give Him, and the restored heart He cleans and guards. There is a growing devotion and love for the things He holds dear to His own heart.

There is a path on which He invites little old me to join Him. There is a temporary journey lived with and through Him, and there is a longing for that eternal home with My Beloved Jesus forever.


But there just are NO¬†words…


Mandy is a blessed daughter of Jesus Christ. She has the honor and privilege of being a wife to her loving husband since 1993, homeschooling mommy to four blessings, and a happy homemaker. Mandy is a Southern Belle from The Palmetto State. She enjoys inviting women to join her quest for rubies amidst the ruckus of life. One way she accomplishes this by encouraging them on her blog: Motherhood-Ruckus and Rubies based on Proverbs 31. She is a Trim Healthy Mama, whose favorite past times include being a wife and mommy, camping with her family, reading, gardening, cooking, singing, fashion, piano, decorating, crafting, and grabbing anything chocolate and a cup of coffee with friends.

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Julie March 24, 2016

What a beautiful message and such a blessing!

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