The Christian Woman’s Role

by Jennifer on June 9, 2016 in Homemaking, Obedience, Purpose, Standing Firm

In John 14:6 Jesus said, “I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” Interestingly enough 65% of religious Americans believe many religions can lead to eternal life.  In other words, people believe what is right in their own eyes on the most important issue of salvation.  This is strangely comparable to what people believe about the woman’s role.


It makes sense then that if 65% of people of faith don’t believe the words of Jesus who said the only way to Heaven is through Him, many could easily take issue (and they do) with the commands for women to be housewives.

Through His word God gives command to his people; commands to humanity in general, such as don’t lie, and don’t murder. He gives commands to married men such as provide for your family, (1 Timothy 5:8), commands to children to obey their parents (Ephesians 6:1) and commands to married women such as… be busy in your home  (Titus 2).

God’s Truth

This isn’t a popular viewpoint. It also isn’t “my truth.”  This is God’s truth. The Greek word used in Titus 2 3:5 for “keepers at home” or “working at home” is oikouros and is a compound word, made up of first, oikos, meaning a house. The second, ouros, refers to a keeper, watcher or guardian. This is one who has the oversight and responsibility for something.

  • The basic significance of oikourous is that of a “housekeeper”
  • This is one who watches over a household and family
  • One who sees to it that all members are cared for, and all things maintained in good order
  • Oikourous is used only in the New Testament, in Titus 2:5
  • In Greek literature during the first century, the word oikourous meant watching or keeping the house
  • It meant keeping at home
  • It was specifically used in praise of a good wife
  • It was also used contemptuously of a man who refused to go out to war, designating him a “stay-at-home” man Source.

Making the Point

Even without Gods written word, anyone without worldly conditioning or preconceived ideas can easily see the woman was created for a certain roles and within a certain sphere. At the foundational level, her role, typically, is to get married, have children, and raise these children to the age where they can work in the family economy, then marry and begin the next generation.

As equal as women want everything, the simple truth is:

  • Men can’t conceive
  • Men can’t carry the unborn in their womb
  • Men can’t nurse a baby
  • And men don’t feel the guilt a woman feels when they both head back to work a week after the birth

Women were literally created to be in the home raising children, tending the garden and serving in that capacity. Woven all throughout the Bible are the threads that create a beautiful tapestry of a woman’s home life.

Genesis 18: Sarah is there in the tent, ready to serve her husband and show hospitality at a moments notice.

Psalm 113: The Lord graciously and lovingly takes the barren woman and gives her a home, housework and children. Praise ye the LORD.

1 Timothy 5: The older women live a life of child-raising and serving in the home.

The Clarity of Scripture

Could His word be any more clear? If these examples weren’t enough to convince, there are the clear commands to women in 1 Timothy 5 to manage the home and in Titus to be keepers at home, as well as the rebukes of Proverbs 7 which speaks of the loud and rebellious woman whose feet never stay at home.

Women at home = good. Women parading around town = bad. Again, this is Biblical.

Ladies, when you see the LORD extend kindness to women, and its expressed by giving her home to spend her life in and children to raise, it is beyond foolish for His chosen to say otherwise and suggest it is wise and favorable to rebel against his created order.

Our place is clearly in the home. It is good for us and our families. It is an honor to the LORD and the way of wisdom.

“Every wise woman buildeth her house: but the foolish plucketh it down with her hands.” Proverbs 14:1

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of knowledge: but fools despise wisdom and instruction.” Proverbs 1:7


Jennifer is the cherished wife of a visionary man, and a mother of 11 children. Her deepest desire is to consistently love her husband and children, and to be a diligent and joyful keeper at home, all for the glory of God. She is passionate about encouraging fellow housewives in their highest calling of wife and mother. She and her family produced Homemaking 101 and 201, DVDs for Christian wives and mothers. She can be found blogging at The Focused Homemaker.

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Lady Virtue June 9, 2016

Thank you for a great post with these timely Biblical reminders!

Jan June 9, 2016

How do you help (encourage) a working mom to accomplish her timid goal of being continually in the home, when financially, it is not feasible and her husband is stressed out because of finances? And, she is supposed to obey her husband in all things???

Today’s moms need help with this…

Shelly June 9, 2016

As a mom of 11 and the wife of a welder, our family has been able to thrive by recognizing the difference between wants and needs, living within our means, and being content with what we have. There are so many things that people see as necessary that truly aren’t. Is it really necessary to have two cars- especially if the husband will be the only one working? How important is it to have the latest fashions or electronic gadgets? What’s more important- expensive vacations or your family and home? Is it necessary to eat out every week? Keeping our minds off of worldly things, like material wealth and possessions, can only make us stronger in the Lord.

Mama June 10, 2016

It seems ignorant to assume that Jan and her husband are using the latest gadgets, going on lavish vacations and eating out every week. The Bible is also clear that a man should provide for his home or he is worse then an unbeliever! The Bible is also clear on the governments role in our lives (to provide safety) – not food, insurance, ect…. I wonder how many stay at home moms on here are throwing judgement in the area of working out of home yet are neglecting the plank in their own eye.

If we read about the Proverbs 31 mom we will see that she did work outside the home and still took care of her family! Solomon says an excellent wife works both inside and outside her home to ensure the sanctity and orderliness of the home environment. VS24 says the women is making and selling her goods for her own business, VS16 she is investing money in real estate and VS27 she is remaining industrious.

On a personal note, I am a stay at home mom and do not have to worry about working. But mabye before we all start correcting, criticizing or assuming we know someone situation we have a little grace, just like God has shown us by sending His Son. God’s Word tells us:
“And that ye study to be quiet, and to do your own business, and to work with your own hands, as we commanded you.” 1 Thess 4:11
“But unto every one of us is given grace according to the measure of the gift of Christ” Ephesians 4:7

mama3 June 9, 2016

Todays mom’s desperately need help with this….

Bridget June 9, 2016

Love this post! Whenever I’ve felt pressured to bring in extra income, I’ve gone back and re-read “When Queens Ride By” available freely online. It helped bolster my resolve and renew my convictions.

On a personal note, one year I worked part-time from home and the next year did not. Our tax returns told the story! When I worked, as an independent contractor, I pushed us into a higher tax bracket and my net income was still eaten up in taxes. The year I didn’t work at all? My husband’s income was still more than both of ours combined the previous year! God is so faithful and true to His word. Take heart, ladies!

Heather June 9, 2016

I don’t equate women working with women “parading around town.”

Jennifer June 10, 2016

I don’t either Heather 🙂

Cari June 10, 2016

As a brand new homemaker after twenty+ years in the corporate world and having just accepted Jesus into my heart, this is a very timely article for me to read. At 39, I do not have children but enjoy being home full time to care for my home and feel so much better and contented in my relationship because of this decision.

Gabrielle June 10, 2016

If any “mom of today” really truly believes the Word of God and passionately desires to be a keeper at home as instructed in Scriptures, she will seek it from Him, and she will plea to her husband.
If this is worthy enough to her, she will seek it heartily. May she remember that the LORD does hear and is gracious. There is no doubt He could make a way. How much does she really believe in it? How much does she really want it?

A couple of good books on this topic are “Are you Serious About Marriage” by Susan Zakula, and “Living on His Income” by Sharon White.

Allyson Dudding June 10, 2016

I work outside the home. I pay all the bills and take care of my family. My husband dosent do this so i have to. Am i less then the women that can stay home?

Jennifer June 10, 2016

Of course not Allyson. The isn’t the LORD’s design though. Praying for you <3

Beth June 26, 2016

Oh honey! Of course “less than” a woman who stays at home. You are doing what has to be done in a situation where your husband isn’t. Jennifer is correct. It isn’t the Lord’s plan but you are still His child and He loves you.
My husband said to tell you that doing what you are doing makes you an admirable woman, certainly not less of a woman. I will join Jennifer in prayer for your situation.

Jackie June 11, 2016

Good article. I have 6 kids and I work from home. My husband does all He can but he is handicapped so I make up the difference the best I can. I also take care of the home. I don’t wxpect hubby to come home and cook and clean just because I work too.
A wife should manage the home, teach the kids how to do their chores etx to take some load off. We are to b a helper to our husband. And If that means we have to work then ok… BUT make sure u r using money wisely and frugally. We should not just waste and want the most expensive things or newest and best and THATS y we have to work.
I agree Proverbs 31 woman worked but she also took care of all her family.
The point I think author was trying to make is a woman that shirks her duty at home to always go with friends or shopping or even visiting family- and sometimes “good things” are bad. So if the woman doesn’t have had home in order she should not go to the next woman’s meeting at church or the next banquet or soul winning. Not talking about missing regular church service- im talking about always being there to “help” or b involved- yet UR own home is not right. A woman’s role is in the home. THAT is where God wants them to shine. The husband to b first and foremost over any other earthly person. The kids raised to b God fearing people.

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