Are You Embracing the New Year?

by Mandy on December 29, 2016 in Faithfulness, Holidays


I cannot believe another year has passed.  It seems like we just started 2016.  Usually by the end of the year I am sad to see a new one approaching, because it means I’ll be turning another year older and my children will be another year closer to becoming adults and leaving me behind.  I think this year I have finally realized that it is inevitable and I just need to embrace it.

I’m looking forward to 2017 and all of the challenges, changes, learning experiences, love and laughter it will bring.  With excitement and anticipation, I am dedicating 2017 to the Lord for my entire family.  I simply cannot wait to see what He does for and through us in the upcoming year.  I am no longer apprehensive about what problems we will encounter because I know He is in control.  Even though it isn’t always a pleasant experience to be shaped and molded by Him through life’s experiences, I am looking forward to the end result. I want to be more like Him, whatever it takes.

Before we have a chance to blink, we will be reminiscing about 2017 and 2018 will be approaching.  I pray that by this time next year we will all be closer to God and becoming even more like Jesus than we were the previous year.  I pray that 2017 brings you joy and blessings, and that it will be full of God’s favor for you and your family!


Mandy is a blessed daughter of Jesus Christ. She has the honor and privilege of being a wife to her loving husband since 1993, homeschooling mommy to four blessings, and a happy homemaker. Mandy is a Southern Belle from The Palmetto State. She enjoys inviting women to join her quest for rubies amidst the ruckus of life. One way she accomplishes this by encouraging them on her blog: Motherhood-Ruckus and Rubies based on Proverbs 31. She is a Trim Healthy Mama, whose favorite past times include being a wife and mommy, camping with her family, reading, gardening, cooking, singing, fashion, piano, decorating, crafting, and grabbing anything chocolate and a cup of coffee with friends.

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