30 Day Unplugged Challenge Starts Today!

by Jennifer on April 1, 2016 in Announcements, Engaging the Senses, Responsibility, Self-control

As homemakers we have the power to nurture our families and the power to neglect.  Ouch!  Deep down, our heart’s desire is of course to nurture those in our homes.  But sometimes… we just get distracted.  Ding!  It could have been a notification, or some app alerting you to something not so important or, well… anything really.

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With all of our wonderful technology today we have far more distractions than the ancient homemaker ever had, yet even 2000 years ago God’s word instructs women to keep busy in their homes, to have discretion and to basically stay on task so that the distractions of the world will have less of a pull on us.

Today though, since we don’t need to eek out our livings, we have oodles of free time.  And what do we do with it?  Scroll Facebook feeds, consult Dr. Google, and perpetually pin pretty pictures.  Whew!  What’s a homemaker to do?

The 30 Day – Redeeming the Time Unplugged Challenge

Starting today you will begin to learn why spending so much time online can be wholly destructive to you and your family.  You will also learn how to control and manage your time online and keep to the boundaries you set.

We’ll go over the homemaker’s mindset on internet time management, since quite often it is mindset that controls our actions.  (If you’ve gone through The Focused Homemaking Course, you may have a basic idea of what I’m speaking of).

It’s completely free of charge, and will run the entire month of April. The challenges will be delivered via email and you’ll receive one email every two days. That will give you time to work through the assignments to get the most out of this challenge without becoming overwhelmed.

Are you with me? Just click 30 Day – Redeeming the Time Unplugged Challenge to sign up. Don’t forget to check your email after you sign up for the welcome message and to verify your email provider isn’t sending them to your spam folder.

Ready to redeem your time!?

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Jennifer is the cherished wife of a visionary man, and a mother of 11 children. Her deepest desire is to consistently love her husband and children, and to be a diligent and joyful keeper at home, all for the glory of God. She is passionate about encouraging fellow housewives in their highest calling of wife and mother. She and her family produced Homemaking 101 and 201, DVDs for Christian wives and mothers. She can be found blogging at The Focused Homemaker.

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Marcia Nation April 1, 2016

Going to give this an honest try!

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