When Children Don’t Feel Like A Blessing

by Brittany on October 27, 2015 in Inspiration in Child Rearing

Believe me, I am the first to tell you, children are indeed blessings. I believe it and strive to live it with all of my being. They are apart of my testimony, the reason I don’t use hormonal birth control, and why I’m passionate about homeschooling. Their eternal value can never be measured. They are a part of God’s kingdom. My privilege and responsibility is great as I disciple them and lead them to God daily. My heart beats for them, but my mind sometimes has a different story to tell.

Please tell me I’m not alone in this…Sometimes, my children don’t always feel like a blessing. Ya know what I mean?

I am often faced with convicting feelings. My heart and mind are in a constant battle. Every morning I want to grab their sweet, snuggly, sleepy selves and pile them on my lap. The opportunity to speak truth to their souls first thing in the morning is what I long for. Then you have the other part of me that wishes they would have slept in longer…a lot longer.
I love filling their bellies up with homemade goodness. I want to pull them up on the counter and take part with me. My desire is to give them my best. But if one more little person tries to take another bite off of my plate, I just might loose it!
Then there are all the times I strive to make a sweet memory. I let them all plop in my bed before bedtime to read books. Before I know it the tired mama says or yells, “Ok that’s it, everyone in bed…now!”
I understand all of these things to be normal.  I am imperfect and live within the walls with four imperfect children. I still have the tug of war between heart and mind on a moment by moment basis. In my attempt to break the tugging rope I have made a list of other blessings that don’t always feel like blessings.
Rain. It grows our food, but can mess up our plans.

Promotions. There lies potential for more income, but with that comes greater responsibility.

Big house. You have a lot of great space, but more to clean.

Land. Beauty all around with room to roam, but more upkeep.

Family living close by. Always there when you need them, but they can drive you crazy.

Family far away. You can go visit places to see them, but you would miss them like crazy.

Pantry full of food. Easy to grab something when your hungry, but it’s never healthy enough or tasty enough.
It seems to me as though a blessing is a blessing period. It’s my circumstance that I tend to let blur the beautiful vision of my blessing no matter what they may be.
I don’t want to live that way. I don’t want clouded tunnel vision. I want clarity to see God in everything, encompassing it all. I want to love the things He loves. The circumstances will come and go, but the blessings of children rather on earth or in heaven will remain. Let’s treat them as such. It’s the way our heavenly father treats us, His children. We can break the struggle when we choose to let our minds wrap around the truth.  We must trust in the Lord’s gifts, extend ourselves grace when needed, and enjoy what we have been given…even if we have times when we want a break from it:)
What about you? Do you have any secrets you use to help you remember the amazing gift your children are?



Brittany Styron is a believer in Jesus Christ, a wife, and momma to four amazing kids. She has a passion for country living, cooking, gardening, homeschooling, and encouraging women in their roles as wives and mothers. She blogs honestly about all these things at Sweet Country Roots.

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Zedda October 27, 2015

Thank you! for writing this! It’s a balm to my soul on this morning when all 3 littles were up at 6. (They’re 3, 2, and 1 month). I feel so often like I love them to bits, but can I PLEASE potty alone just one time??!! ? Thanks for reminding me of the rainbows among the rain.

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