The Blessings of Home for a Daughter

by Libby on January 22, 2015 in Home Culture, Homemaking, Legacy, Ministry, Nurture, Sanctuary


Home. What a sweet word. A daughter who has chosen to forego the usual route of leaving home after high school graduation and embark on her own journey of climbing the ladder of success has many, many blessings to count when she thinks of home.

“This kingdom of home is the place of refuge, comfort and inspiration. It is a rich world where great souls can be formed, and from which men and women of great conviction and dedication can emerge. It is the place where the models of marriage, love, and relationship are emulated and passed on to the next generation.”

-Sally Clarkson

I have been a stay at home daughter now for almost 3 years. My journey as a daughter remaining at home until marriage has had its challenges, but oh, how much I have gained. Being home has been one of the greatest things that I have ever chosen to do. I love being home. The Lord has done a work in my heart and turned my focus toward my home and family. Cultivating a heart for the home is something that I continually strive for, but by God’s grace, I really enjoy serving inside my home.

Today I want to shine a light on just some of the many blessings of home for a daughter. There are many others that I will forget to add to this list, but I invite you to share some of the blessings you have found from being at home, whether you are a daughter or a wife, mother, and keeper of your own home.

Blessing #1: Protection

By living at home with your family, you are putting a shield of protection over yourself. God has ordained certain roles of headship within the family unit. For a young woman to trek out on her own in the world, she is placing herself in situations that could compromise her morals and could bring danger upon her life.

Blessing #2: Opportunities to Cultivate a Servant’s Heart

What better way to learn to put others before yourself than by living with others, especially your family! Daughters, you have ample opportunities to serve your family. Use this time and season of your life to cultivate a servant’s heart. Serving others from your home is also a great blessing of being at home. For a young lady who desires to have a home and family of her own one day, she will need to know how to serve others and put the needs of others above her own. Your home is the perfect place for that practice!

Blessing #3: Being able to learn under your mother’s tutelage

Your mother is the person that God has placed in your life to teach and train you in the ways of homemaking, managing a home, child rearing, being a godly wife and mother, and all the things that go along with being a Titus 2/ Proverbs 31 woman. (If your mother is not in your life or willing to participate in that way, I encourage you to find a godly, older woman from church or your local community who can share and mentor you.) If you pay attention and have a teachable spirit, you can learn something new every day from working alongside your mother.

Blessing #4: Learning what a godly family and Christ-centered home life looks like

For anyone who is living in a Christian home where biblical teaching and principles are taught and lived out, that can be an amazing blessing! Take this time to learn what the different roles are that God has given to the husband, wife and children. If you do not live in this kind of home, do not give up! You can learn from others- through reading books, blogs, friends and family members, and most importantly, studying the Bible to see what God says about family.

Blessing #5: Freedom

Stay at home daughters have so much freedom when it comes to what they can learn and at what pace to do so. However, by staying at home, oftentimes it can be easy to fall into a trap of doing nothing or being lazy. If used wisely, this period of your life can be used to the glory of God. Serve others; learn something new; develop new skills; create a home business; volunteer in ministry; and enjoy this time with your family. Do not waste this precious time in your life, for one day you just might wish that you could have some of these years back.

Blessing #6: Family Time

I have heard many ladies say that one of the things that they wished they would have done before they married and started a home and family of their own was to enjoy time with their family while they were living at home. Getting married and having babies and being the keeper of your own home are wonderful things, but it will be different than being at home with your family now. You can never get this time back! Enjoy your family! Love this time spent with them! Laugh together and make memories that you can share with your future children one day.

Ah, home sweet home! The home is a place of fellowship, love, refreshment, laughter, fun, support, training, and preparation. ¬†I hope that you stop for a moment and think about the blessing of home. I encourage you to strive to be content at home and see the sweet blessings that come from being at home. And daughters, let’s seek to find the blessings of home and enjoy this time that God has given to us.

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Libby is a redeemed sinner striving to serve the Lord as a daughter at home. Since graduating from homeschool in 2012, she has enjoyed learning from her mother and other Titus 2 ladies. Homemaking, femininity, cooking, reading, crafting, and biblical womanhood are among her favorite things. She shares her journey as a stay at home daughter and seeks to encourage other young ladies to joyfully serve their families at home while diligently preparing to be a wife, mother and homemaker at The Whispering Cottage.

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Mrs. W January 22, 2015

Such a lovely post! I would definitely agree with blessing #6- enjoying time with your family. I lived at home until I was married, even though I did attend a local college, and I was SOOO incredibly blessed with that extra time with my family. At 18, I was signed up to go off to college, but had just become a Christian and changed my mind and at the last minuted switched to the local community college and stayed living at home. I just loved all the family time I had in my early adult years. After losing my dad, a few years after I was married, I am so glad for all that extra time at home and how close I was to my family during that time. Those were wonderful years.

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