Teaching Daughters About Identity

by ArabahJoy on July 20, 2015 in Ministry, Standing Firm

Have you ever been the target of identity theft? It can be a scary, expensive, and life altering thing.

Even if you haven’t experienced identity theft by a savvy modern day bandit, I can guarantee you are being targeted for spiritual identity theft… and so are your children.

Recent news events are disturbing in part because our kids are growing up in a culture that wants them to believe “identity” includes options God never intended. Being born “male” or “female” is no longer determinative for gender identity. It is just one way Satan comes to kill, steal, and destroy… by stealing our identity.

Teaching kids about identity is becoming more important than ever. Here's how you can model gospel identity to your kids.

For the Christian, our primary identity is who we are in Christ.

Understanding this and living the power and beauty of it before our children is essential if we are going to pass on the truths of the gospel… truths Satan wants to keep us ignorant of.

The 6th chapter of Romans is Paul’s crash course on understanding and living from our identity in Christ. In this chapter, Paul schools us in what it means to be in Christ. He first tells us there are a few things we need to KNOW.

1. In Christ, we are dead to sin.

Sin does not dominate us when we are believers in Christ. That means no matter what particular temptations come our way, we are not obligated to act on them. We do not need to listen or give weight to every whim, voice, or emotion that blows through the mind or heart.  We need not listen to the lies of the devil regarding identity, neither are we defined by sin or transient desires; we are dead to that!

2. In Christ, we are alive unto God.

Not only are we dead to sin, we have been made alive to things that are holy and right. We are set apart for holy purposes and created for good works. Holy and righteous is our new identity!

Paul is teaching here that although our old self still exists, even threatens and bullies us, we are no longer under its authority or dominion. It has no right to tell us what to do! We are not obligated to obey or submit to the flesh because it is no longer our chief in command. Jesus Christ Himself has rescued us from the domain of darkness, rendered it inoperative, and transferred us to the kingdom of light, making us alive to God instead. We have been redeemed from sin and self!

All this has been done by Jesus Christ Himself on our behalf. It is completely a gift of grace!

Now what does this have to do with teaching our children identity? A lot!

>>>We can teach our children that Satan will lie about who God has made them to be.

>>>We can teach them they do not have to live in confusion but can find solid truth in God’s word.

>>>We can teach them God has made a provision in Christ for them to become new creations (II Corinthians 5:17)

>>>We can model a life of freedom from the grip of sin and the deception of the world.

>>>We can teach them God has given us the power to live holy lives through His Spirit.

>>>We can teach them God has a plan that far exceeds anything the world tries to sell them.

Like never before, we need moms and dads who understand and live out the gospel in their homes. We need moms and dads who have come to a place where the truths of their gospel identity is fully operational in their lives.

When we KNOW the truth, we can then make choices to act in accordance with the truth about us. We “work out our salvation” the way God has intended and equipped us for. This is a powerful example to live before our children.

I invite you to sign up for the free mini course I have created on abiding in Christ. This mentoring material will give you hands-on tools for abiding in Christ and living from your God-given identity…  and that’s an identity your children need to see now more than ever.

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Arabah Joy and her family have served as missionaries to East Asia for the past ten years. She has been married to Jackson for the past eighteen years and they have four children, both adopted and biological. She has also authored a guide on how to increase energy and has recently released an eBook on living Complete in Christ. Mostly though, she is a broken woman redeemed. She writes about God's sufficiency to transform at Arabah .

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Joanna @ Everyday Made Fresh July 21, 2015

I love this post SO much! We are a struggling nation, and if we all chose to have a holy identity we would be on the road to a much more stable world.

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