Ripples of Faith

by Jessica S on June 29, 2015 in Legacy


I first heard of Elisabeth Elliot when I was sixteen.

My good friend had loaned me the book,”I kissed dating goodbye,” in an effort to show me there was way more to life than having a boyfriend(which at that point in my life, was a fairly inconceivable notion.)

While reading that book, I kept noticing references to this book called, “Passion and Purity.” The author referenced it so much, that I ended up borrowing it from another friend of mine.

I don’t remember how much of Passion and Purity I actually read, but I do know that God used those two books to help shape how I viewed relationships before marriage.

A few years later, as a new wife, I read through the book Feminine Appeal. It was one of the first times I’d ever heard the Titus 2 principles explained. I remember the author of Feminine Appeal(Carolyn Mahaney) saying that outside of her mother, Elisabeth Elliot was one of her biggest spiritual role models.

As a new mom, I read Shaping of a Christian Family, and some of the stories she told in that book have continued to stay with me even to this day, almost eight years later.

Last week, when I heard of Elisabeth Elliot’s death, I felt sad, of course, but at the same time, I was overwhelmed with thankfulness for her life. This is a woman who stood up for her faith and influenced so many people’s lives, all because of her genuine, unashamed love for the Lord.

I never met Elisabeth Elliot, but her heart for the Lord influenced some of my biggest mentors, and as a result has made a huge impression on my role as a wife and mother.

It made me realize, yet again, that I want to keep pouring into the people God has placed in my life, particularly my family, and pointing them to Jesus.

I seriously doubt that I’ll ever write books that influence thousands of people, but God has given me five beautiful children and a husband to love and influence.

And who knows what kind of impression that will make on future generations?



Jessica S

Jessica is saved by grace, the blessed wife to Erik, and mother to 5 children under the age 6 (two precious girls and three wonderful sons.) She is also a new homeschooling mama. When she's not chasing toddlers, sweeping up cheerios, and folding endless amounts of laundry, she can be found blogging at Ramblings of a Wife & Mommy, where she strives to find joy in the midst of the chaos going on around her. She hopes to use her blog to encourage other young mothers. She loves spending time with her family and friends, baking, reading, and coffee (lots and lots of coffee!). You can also find her on facebook.

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Robert N. Francis June 29, 2015

I agree with you wholeheartedly about Elizabeth Elliot. Even though I am a man it was her works more than any other woman to woman author that made me understand how beautifully and wonderfully Christ works within a woman and uses women for His glory within His perfectly designed order of Creation and His Kingdom lived out through the family. As to the phrase Ripples of Faith and the concept of how Jesus uses people to build His legacy and in turn changes people and history I will share a quote from Edith Schaeffer from her introduction to her book The Tapestry:

The thing that fascinates me really is the weaving of lives together, the fabulous way God works in history, while at the same time people’s choices cause changes in history, for good or bad…….Why not write a book that weaves something of history together with glimpses of people’s lives, and the glimpses of God’s plan, recognized in often short flashes of understanding, along with glimpses of crucial choices made which changed the direction of life for one—then for thousands of other people affected by that one…….the idea [of The Tapestry ]being that each of our lives is a thread. You are a thread, and I am a thread. As we affect each other’s ideas, physical beings, spiritual understanding, or material possessions, or as we influence each other’s attitudes—creativity, courage, determination to keep on, moods, priorities, understanding spiritually, intellectually, emotionally—-we are at the same time affecting history. History is different because you have lived, and because I have lived. We have each caused ripples that will never end, and we continue to cause ripples………As we look back at what we see of The Tapestry behind us, we thrill over some the wonder of how God has woven people together, woven their lives together, woven their talents together, and of how He has brought them into contact to be woven side by side in a pattern that has continuity with other parts of the pattern…….The Tapestry speaks immediately of a Designer, an Artist, a Weaver, and of threads being held in [H]is…hands..So, the threads need to ask The Designer, The Weaver, The Artist, time after time to be used in the pattern where He should have them to be…….At times during this writing we felt…..that suddenly we saw it [our lives] all in a new way as we saw more of what God had done, and of the wonder of it fitting into history. (pp. 13-15)

May the Lord Jesus Christ continue to bless and reveal Himself to you and all the contributors and readers of Raising Homemakers.

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