How I Got Rid of My Headaches and Migraines

by Emily on June 19, 2015 in Homemaking, Industry, Tools, Uncategorized

Today I want to share a personal experience with you since I know it might help you or someone you love.  So many people suffer from migraines and headaches!  I am not a doctor, but this has been my personal experience, and the experience of hundreds, if not thousands, of other people who have experienced these debilitating conditions.

As I passed age 30, I began getting regular headaches and migraines.  I had some sporadically when I was  younger, but not on a regular basis!  My mom had long been prone to migraines and headaches, so I was told it was probably just part of my heritage.

For a long time, I had been getting headaches that lasted for three days.  Nothing I took made them go away.  It was really hard to be patient and kind with the constant ache in my head!  I tried sleeping and trying to get more rest.  I was eating very healthfully, I had tried herbs, essential oils, homeopathic remedies, but nothing was helping. I even gave up drinking coffee because I thought maybe that was the culprit.  Sometimes these spouts of 3-day pain would even come twice a month!  I was not able to concentrate or get the things done around the house that I needed to do.

One of the other problems I was dealing with was migraines.  I was getting a migraine at least once a month.  I remember I had to be careful to avoid the sunlight reflecting off of things because it might trigger a migraine.  If I pushed myself too hard (because I had to), and was not getting quite enough sleep, I might get a migraine.  But often, even if I was taking care of myself and getting enough rest,  I would still get a migraine.

When this happened, it was no fun.  Thankfully I had a warning, and my vision would start to get spotty.  We’d have to leave whatever function we were at and go home.  At home, I had to tell my older girls that they were in charge while I laid down in my bedroom, nursing my terrible migraine.  All the children would try to be quiet because the noise bothered my head so much.  When a migraine came, I knew my day was pretty much done, and I would be missing out on the rest of that day with my children.  I would not be able to take care of the household tasks either.  The next day, I would mostly feel better, but my head would still have a less severe ache, and I would still be sensitive to noise.  My blessed children would try to be more quiet, but that is hard for little ones!

It all made being a homemaker and taking care of the children very hard.

Then a little over a month ago, a friend sent me a health supplement in the mail.  She’d told me about it before, but I was so skeptical.  I wasn’t sure about taking a regular supplement, and I had heard from some of my favorite authors and health advocates that a healthy diet alone could take care of our health problems!  Well, that wasn’t working in reality.

What finally helped me!

I researched the ingredients in this all-natural supplement my friend sent, and found them to be to my satisfaction.  I decided to give it a try.  And I am so glad I did.

It has now been almost two months, and I have not had the 3-day headache problem, nor have I had a single migraine!  I feel so much better and have more energy.  I am sleeping better.  My moods are becoming more even.  I have new hair growth.  My eczema has even gone away.

So what is this great product that relieved me of my headache nightmares?  It’s Plexus Slim.  You may have heard of it by now, as it’s becoming so popular as an all natural weight-loss aid.  But there is so much more that it can do for you because it helps to balance hormones and reduce inflammation in the body.  Other people have experienced relief even with their auto-immune conditions from this product.  I love it so much that I decided to become a distributor of it so I can share it with others.

If you know anyone who you think could benefit from these products, please share this post with them, or send them to my Plexus site.  There are many people who are suffering needlessly from health conditions these days, and there is help out there for them.  If you have any questions, I may also be reached at  Plexus generously gives a 60 day money back guarantee, so you can try it and see what it can do for you.

I hope the Lord will use this product in many more lives to help bring people health!


Emily and her wonderful husband are raising several future homemakers and one little man. Emily enjoys homemaking, homeschooling, arts & crafts, cross-stitching, reading, sewing, and playing piano, just to name a few. She is interested in healing the body through the food God has given us, along with other God-given means such as herbs and essential oils. You can find her blogging about all things homemaking at Blessed Homemaking. Emily also has a God-given gift for art and sometimes posts her creations at Emily's Fine Art.

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Jane June 19, 2015

Plexus has helped me tremendously after having colon issues for 25 years, I praise God for it!

Emily June 19, 2015

That is so wonderful! Thanks for sharing that!

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