For The Broken This Christmas

by Brittany on December 21, 2015 in Holidays


This week is it. It’s the climax, the top of the roller coaster as we coast down hands high feeling the rush of Christmas blow through our hair. The fruits of our labor come to fruition. The gifts get torn open, the new recipes get tasted, the Christmas pajamas get worn, Luke 2 is read, Christmas carols are sung. It’s all a building up, and a preparation to celebrate with every ounce we’ve got. It’s a lovely picture to soak up. I fully intend on breathing it all in and savoring every morsel of the sweetness.

Yet, underneath all of the child like excitement the grown up side of us know all to well this isn’t exactly what Christmas looks like. There are little spots on our hearts that the Christmas lights tend to make glow during great times of celebration. We are fully aware there are people hurting, broken, mourning, and people grieving amidst the snaps of a camera, torn wrapping paper, and carols being sung in the background.

This week is it, the climax of their misery. The week they have been dreading as it won’t hold the same glimmer and hope they felt in years past. The food isn’t the same, the last thing they want to do is open their Bible, they want to stay in their pajamas and bury their tear stained face into the pillow. The only thing they can prepare is a fake smile.

If this is you this Christmas, I am praying for you. May the same Jesus that created the universe, walked on water, and fed the 5,000 be your comfort and restore your broken heart this week. May you see Him in every face, every meal, and every gesture of kindness.

As you face the week ahead remember the birth of Christ was for times like this. For times when your world is falling apart, crumbling, and ripping at the seems. He came to save and piece together the broken. He came for you. As we face the week ahead may we all remember we are His. So go ahead and cry your tears, He will catch them all. Let Him into the broken pieces.


You will make it through this week.


Merry Christmas.






Brittany Styron is a believer in Jesus Christ, a wife, and momma to four amazing kids. She has a passion for country living, cooking, gardening, homeschooling, and encouraging women in their roles as wives and mothers. She blogs honestly about all these things at Sweet Country Roots.

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Donna Short December 21, 2015

Yes, I sat with a lady yesterday that was going through a very difficult time. She is a family member’s neighbor. She lost her husband this year. Her only daughter lives over 100 miles away from her and just had a major surgery. This sweet lady also had taken a fall and has broken ribs. I am glad she had our family to enjoy. She seemed sad and my heart ached for her. Yet all I could do is carry on a conversation with her and lift her in prayer. My dear friend Carol lost her husband in October. She is sad this Christmas, too. My mother-in-law has been having health issues and is spending most of her Christmas season in a rehab facility to try to get her back stronger to lessen pain that is coming from her sciatic nerve. There are many hurting this Christmas…and we are called to be a light when and where we can. Thanks for sharing this post, Brittany. It is important for us to remember those who are not feeling like celebrating.

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