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Take a moment and imagine the Lord has sent you as a missionary to a country where the Gospel has not been preached, or even more likely, where it has been preached but the hearts are hard. What would you do first to establish your mission base?

Most likely you would set up a home and find a way to connect with people and have them sit with you and break bread with you. You would probably have to have an open door policy where people were able to come to you and they’d be WELCOMED. Your goal would be to show them what it looks like to live as a Christian.  You would want to show them a Christian marriage, a Christian family and a Christian home… NOT perfection, just a real loving, struggling, forgiving, serving Christian life. Salvation is just the beginning, discipleship happens through relationships.

The Preaching of Your Home

Here we are once again at the busiest time of the year for us homemakers. Not only are we trying to make our home pleasant and festive, but we seem to have a dozen extra events, parties and gatherings to attend. We try to squeeze it all in to make everyone happy and make joyous memories as we fix our eyes on January 2nd in hopes that life will settle down for a little while… we can hope can’t we?

The last thing I want to do is add to the stress of the holiday season, but rather I’d like to challenge you over the next 6 weeks or so and beyond to use your home to preach the Gospel. The Gospel does not reflect chaos or strife, it is about order, truth and love.

The holidays are the prefect time to use your home as a mission base, but not if you are stressed out.

Limit Commitments-  You don’t have to go to every party and gathering, seriously, will anyone remember in 2-3 years who was where and what they were wearing?  You do not have to do it all. But they will remember the time you had them in your home and served up some coffee and pie and you had many laughs and good conversation.

There are seasons for activity, but not near what our culture demands. There are times for ‘church work’, but I honestly believe that most of that can be done more efficiently through relationships and hospitality, but it’s hard to have relationships and practice hospitality when homes are not intact and peaceful.

When we say ‘yes’ to activities that constantly

  • drive us away from truly communicating with each other
  • drive us away from keeping the laundry done, the house in order and meals made
  • drive us from training our children to be skilled and well-mannered

this is nothing but a chasing of the wind.

You have to guard your time and the time of your children fervently.

Highlights          From          Higher           Ground


When Your Home is a Mission Base Through Hospitality

You are Real – When you welcome people into your home they are seeing the real you.  Opening your home, even just for a cup of coffee, is so much more real, more intimate, more sincere than pouring out a couple hours of service here and there in ministry. Hospitality, if done with a pure heart verses entertainment, is a raw type of love which allows your guests to listen to you – through your lifestyle, more closely!

You Set the Ground Rules – When you welcome guests into your home, whether it be a sit down meal or snacks and a card game, you set the atmosphere, you dictate where the conversations will go. You defuse negative conversation with positive. You direct people towards the things that are true and lovely, just be careful not to beat them over the head with your Bible knowledge, but rather let your actions, your smiles, your service speak loudly!

You Home Preaches a Message.  When people walk into your home it is speaking a message to the visitor of what you believe. Everything from what artwork hanging on your walls, to the music that is being played, to the fragrance of the air, to the orderliness of the room. All of it should send a message of “Welcome, God is good!!!”

The greatest gift you can offer your guests is a spirit of love. When you welcome guests into your home it is much better to enjoy them than it is to stress about how everything looks.  Make people feel welcome, feel special, feel wanted! Your perspective is the key to each opportunity!

Hospitality sitting with gladness.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow


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Pam November 22, 2014

A great point about the fact that our homes preach the gospel. In my mind we reflect His light in a dark world, and as homemakers, it is in our homes that we shine the brightest. Thank you for sharing.

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