Mothering through the Seasons of Life

by Kasey Norton on April 21, 2014 in Faithfulness, Training Ground for Mature Adult Character


As tiny buds appear on the trees surrounding our home and lush green leaves fill the branches that once stood bare, I’m assured a new season is upon us.  A season that promises sweet relief from a long, cold winter.

Because seasons change.  Even in mothering.

There was a day when I had 5 children, six and under.  Looking back on it brings memories that nearly stir me to tears.  What am I saying?  Those memories do stir me to tears.  That space of years was exhilarating and exciting and more than a little exhausting.  It was absolutely and totally exhausting.

The training that goes into shaping 5 little souls into respectable slightly older souls is endless.  And it feels thankless much of the time.  There are no accolades for the mother at home.  No awards, no end-of-year bonuses, no promotions.

But then, who needs all that anyway?  Seriously, who needs that when you get to watch the work of His spirit unfold in their little lives?  Keep your money.  Keep your notoriety.  I’ll take Jesus in the hearts of my children.

What happens, though, when your season of motherhood changes?  Just as we swap out cold weather clothing for much lighter choices this time of year, we need to cloak ourselves in the role before us rather than trying to cling to the old one.

And as for me, that role is very different these days.

I now have 5 children between the ages of 9 and 16.  But in a few months, with the arrival of our 8th child, I will also have 3 children, three and under.  Very likely a split personality would come in handy here.

I’m only half kidding, by the way.

With three teenagers who need careful guidance as they navigate the bumpy waters leading toward adulthood, I find so much of my mindset has moved beyond those early years.  Sometimes I forget that while I need to be engaged and connected with the older kids, I still need to be shaping, molding, training and loving those little hearts who also call me Mama.

I can do pretty well with one age group or the other.  But managing it all at once is another story altogether.

Here’s what I do know:  I can’t be all things to all people in every moment.  But He can.

My job isn’t to be amazing, it’s to be spiritually grounded.  It’s to stay plugged in to the source of all the strength and wisdom I could never muster on my own.

The world tells us we must do more, be more.  It whispers convincingly of temporal achievements we must attain in order to grasp success.  The world lies.  And satan will say or do anything to keep us from the job at hand.

The gospel commission is to ‘go and make disciples of all nations’ that all people might know Jesus.  We, as a people, are to go into the four corners of the earth with the message of hope and redemption.  We are to share the good news of a risen Saviour.

We, as mothers, however…we’re to first go into the four corners of our homes and fill them with the breath and life of Christ as only a mother can.  If we keep Him ever before their eyes, minds and hearts, we can expect change.  If you never become a great cook or learn to sew a straight line and if you never learn to love crafting, but you give them Jesus, YOU ARE ENOUGH!

We’re training disciples.  But only if we’re willing.  Only if we faint not at the great task before us.  Only if we cling to His sanctifying robe.

Because we’re going to make mistakes.  Lots of them.  If the Lord needed an infallible person to fill your role He’d have just done the job himself.  He doesn’t need perfection from you.  He’s got that part covered.  He’s seeking mothers who see their own need and who know where to go to have it met.

He’s standing right there with just the right robe for every season.

Kasey Norton

Kasey is a writer at heart and mom by profession...and only an awesome God could meld those two passions so they aren't in direct competition with each other. A firefighter and eight children fill her life with a healthy dose of sweetness while He works the kinks out in her rather rumpled character. You can catch her writing at and on Facebook.

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Cheryl Smith April 23, 2014

Wonderful post, Kasey! It is so sweet to know that no matter what season we find ourselves in…whether in mothering or in overall life, His grace is sufficient. He has everything we need, and what freedom it is to rest in that thought! It is such relief to know that we don’t have to do this alone, and we are covered by His amazing grace.

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