Laughing at the Time to Come

by Jessica S on April 11, 2014 in Faithfulness


I feel like I’m entering a new season of life right now.

My kids are growing up, two of them are school age, and I am  learning how to best manage my home and time while also trying to homeschool.

I’m  coming out of a season where it felt like I was learning how to wait. I was learning to glorify God in the waiting. In the last few years we’ve been trying to sell a house, waiting on babies to arrive, waiting for my husband to get a job offer, waiting to find a church, waiting to find friends. I’ve done all of that(some of them several times) in the last few years. It’s been tough, but I have seen God be so faithful through it all, and I’ve almost got used to the season of waiting.

And now, while there are some things that I’m still waiting for, I feel like I’m starting to enter a new season of life. The season with school age kids, and their different activities. Learning to balance their needs with the needs of the younger ones, the ones who still need naps, and need mommy’s attention just as much as my older ones received.

Despite the Lord’s constant faithfulness to me, I still struggle sometimes. Not as much with learning to be patient and wait on God’s time, but more of a struggle with fear.

Fear that I’m not doing a “good enough” job as a mother. Fear that my younger ones will feel like they’re just along for the ride while I devote a lot of time to my school aged children. Fear about whether or not my school aged children are learning “enough.” Fears about the future.

But when those fears start to set in I hear the Spirit whisper to my heart, “There is no condemnation in Christ.” That the Proverbs 31 woman put on strength and dignity, and laughed at the time to come.

I so much want to be like that woman, and I desperately want to show my own daughters that we don’t have to be fearful of the future because God is good and in control.

Learning to laugh at the time to come means that I trust God with my whole heart, and know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He knows what’s best. Not only does it mean that I trust that God is in control, it also means that I joyfully trust God with the future.

So we will walk together, and take each day one at at a time, knowing that worrying about tomorrow doesn’t do anyone a bit of good. I will strive to cherish each day, and when I do feel those feelings of anxiety creep in  I will take them to the Lord. And in time, hopefully I will learn to laugh at the time to come.


Jessica S

Jessica is saved by grace, the blessed wife to Erik, and mother to 5 children under the age 6 (two precious girls and three wonderful sons.) She is also a new homeschooling mama. When she's not chasing toddlers, sweeping up cheerios, and folding endless amounts of laundry, she can be found blogging at Ramblings of a Wife & Mommy, where she strives to find joy in the midst of the chaos going on around her. She hopes to use her blog to encourage other young mothers. She loves spending time with her family and friends, baking, reading, and coffee (lots and lots of coffee!). You can also find her on facebook.

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Lourdes McKinney April 12, 2014

Thank you so much Jessica for your comment on relying on God’s strength. There are days where I feel that my day is out of control, things are not going as planned, children are not behaving Christ-like, or I am relying on my own strength. That is when I need to stop, pray, and thank the Lord for being there!

I do have to admit that I did not “laugh” but giggle when I saw the word STRENGHT in the flowery lavender icon with this post. I had to look at it a few times to see it clearly. (ha, ha)

Jessica S April 14, 2014

Oh no! I can’t believe I didn’t notice that, thanks for the heads up! 🙂 I will fix that, and thank you for your sweet comment.

Denise April 12, 2014

Jessica thanks -you for this reminder! It is just what I needed, I have 6 daughters, 1 son, as my older girls enter in to the “teens” it’s just good to remind yourself… laugh. This to will pass, and God will always be my strength. I think the Devil uses fear to distract our focus often, and I needed this reminder to dig into scripture and combat this. Thanks

Katie April 15, 2014

It sounds like we are in the same place- except ALL of my littles are school-aged, and our homeschooling journey will begin in the fall. This has been a year of transition, though- it’s the first year all of my kids have been in school for most of the day. Now that they will be home with me full-time again, this time with me in charge of their education… well, it’s kind of a scary thing for this introverted mama! I think fear and worry goes hand-in-hand with being a mom, but thanks for the reminder that it doesn’t always have to be indulged.

Cheryl Smith April 16, 2014

Such precious thoughts! It is attainable to reach the place where we laugh at the time to come. Through God’s grace, we can do anything, no matter how challenging. 🙂

momstheword April 16, 2014

What a lovely post! I remember as a teen reading Proverbs 31:25 where it said “….she smiles at the future.” As a teen, the future stretched out before me, and it was scary! I LOVED the idea that I could just leave my worries in the Lord’s hands and smile at the future.

I am in a different season of life myself now. My children are grown, my homeschooling days are over, our first child just got married…….and the future stretches out before me, and it’s unknown and maybe even a little scary! 😉 Yet I still love the idea that I can just leave my worries with Him and smile at the future.

Your children will remember the love you have for them, the fun and the laughter, the cuddles and hugs, and the wonderful memories you are making with them. All our children really want is to feel safe and know that they are loved. So have no worries, mama, and smile at the future. You’re doing a GREAT job! 🙂

Farrah June 10, 2014

I am also entering that season. We have four children (7 on Saturday, almost 5, almost 4, and 16 months). We’re going to have two being home schooled this year, so it’ll be different!

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