Remembering Those Who Have Inspired Us

by Mrs. Sarah Coller on December 27, 2013 in Home Culture, Homemaking, Hospitality, Legacy, Ministry, Uncategorized, Unity Between Generations

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about hospitality. When we were in Oregon, preparing for our move to Arkansas, friends would mention that “Southern Hospitality.” I’d think, yeah, maybe in grandma’s time. Nowadays I’m sure they’re just as hospitable (or not) as the rest of us.

Boy, was I wrong!

We’ve been here a month and we’ve received numerous dinner invitations, cookies from our neighbor (twice!), and multiple offers of every kind of help imaginable. I’m inspired. I want to be that kind of hospitable person who spends her time thinking of ways to be a blessing.

Each December, I pick a new goal for the upcoming year. I have lots of New Year resolutions, but I always have one specific goal that everything else sort of builds toward. This year, I’m choosing the goal of practicing hospitality.

So I was thinking on it tonight while I was washing dishes and remembering women in my life who have a gift for hospitality in the home. My mom is one who really knows how to make a person feel welcome. Her home is cozy and prettily decorated. She can whip up a meal with whatever she’s got on hand. She doesn’t bustle around when company is there, trying to make everything perfect. She just sits down with her own plate of dinner and chats in her socks. She makes others comfortable because she’s comfortable.

Another homemaker in my life who excels at hospitality is my grandpa’s wife, Vonnie. She is the type to be bustling around with a house full of guests, but she’s never off limits. I have lots of happy memories of sitting at her table or kitchen bar and chatting with her while she made dinner or one of her excellent cakes. She always seems to really listen when I’m talking to her about something that’s important to me, and is quick to give encouragement or share resources.

It occurred to me tonight, as I was finishing up the dishes and realizing that everyone else had already gone to bed, that I ought to sit down and write them letters to let them know how much I appreciate those good influences. I bet Vonnie, especially, has no idea the impact she has made on me and how much I think of her when I’m in my kitchen.

Many of us will be making New Year resolutions this week—resolutions that are probably inspired by someone in our lives. Maybe you can find time to thank those who have been that Titus 2 model for you, as well.

Mrs. Sarah Coller

Happily married to Jamie and mother to nine sweet blessings, Sarah stays busy homemaking and homeschooling. Her passion is creating a comfortable and peaceful home for her husband and children. Thankful for God’s saving grace, Sarah hopes to leave a legacy that reflects His faithfulness. She blogs at Classical Homemaking and Belle's Library.

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JES December 27, 2013

I enjoyed this post 🙂 A heart for hospitality is a beautiful resolution…

Audra Silva December 27, 2013

You have a wonderful goal for 2014! I love practicing hospitality. 🙂

christy virgil December 27, 2013

Sarah, thank you for the kind words. I am having guests tomorrow and I hope they also feel as you do. Vonnie probably has no idea how you feel, I agree that a letter is in order. Happy New Year, love mom

Peg Willis December 27, 2013

You are truly blessed to have grown up learning hospitality by just absorbing it! My mother worked full time, left us with a baby-sitter, and cooked stuff that tasted like shoe leather. We were rarely allowed to bring friends home, because they were “a nuisance.”

Me? I stayed home and raised my own kids – and half the neighborhood kids as well. Cookies? Check. Basketball hoop? Yup. Bible stories? Yes, every Thursday. Bandaids? Got ’em. And it was so good – so right. And I’m SO blessed to have been given the opportunity to bless others!

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