I’ve Got Something That Will Help You Feel Good, Be More Productive, and Make Your Husband Smile

by Sarah Mae on June 4, 2013 in Fun, True Beauty

I get it.

Getting dressed in cute clothes and putting makeup on isn’t always a top priority when you’ve got so many other things on your plate, such as caring for little ones, keeping the home in some kind of order, and all the other things going on in a day. But.


Can we agree that when we get dressed and perhaps even do something with our hair and add a dip of makeup, we feel better, are more productive, and, let’s face it, make our husbands feel like we care? Yes, well, if you’re in need of some help in the getting dressed/looking lovely department, I’d love to be of service (because we’ve got something in common).

I struggle too. In fact, I’m a hippi at heart. Who needs anything but jeans and a T-shirt? And makeup? Bah! But (there’s that “but” again), I can’t deny the reality of what it means to my day and my family when I take the time to care for myself physically.

I’ve spent way too many days in comfy pants and pony tails, and I’m ready to kick those items to the curb. I want to feel good about myself, be more productive, more hospitable, and look nice for my man and my children. Are you with me so far? If you are, than Frumps to Pumps – Your One-Month Motivotional to Getting Dressed and Staying That Way is for you. Frumps to Pumps is a one-month motivotional (motivation + devotional) that uncovers some of the reasons why we stay frumpy, and than encourages us through scripture and fun challenges to get out of the frumps and into some pumps (pumps is subjective. I like cute flats myself).

If you want to join the challenge, you can get the Frumps to Pumps PDF for 50% off HERE (that makes it only $2.50!). Use code: Getdressed

What are you waiting for? Let’s get dressed!

Your hippi at heart friend, Sarah Mae

Sarah Mae

Sarah Mae loves God and the beauty He weaves; His grace overwhelms her. She is the wife of Jesse (her rock and super handy-man dude) and the proud mommy of two lovely daughters and one busy little boy. Her days are spent hanging out with her babes, homeschooling, writing, and drinking salted caramel mochas. She writes at Sarah Mae, is a contributor to (in)courage, the author of Desperate - Hope for the Mom Who Needs to Breathe, and is the creator of Raising Homemakers.

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