Dear God, Please Heal Mommy’s Cancer

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October is breast cancer awareness month and I want to share a beautiful resource that has brought comfort to many families who are dealing with cancer: Dear God, Please Heal Mommy’s Cancer: One family’s journey, through the eyes of a child. by Barbara McCoskey.  This is a beautiful photo journal of a young mom’s battle with breast cancer and the fears and struggles they faced as a family and how they dealt with them. Her story is told through the eyes of her 7-year-old daughter.  It will encourage you or a loved one who is facing this difficult diagnosis.

I want to leave the book speak for itself so I would like to share some photos and quotes with your from this resource that will bless so many families.

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“Whether we were happy, sad, or scared, we prayed.  Prayer was our time to call out to God, to ask Him the tough questions, and to cry about the difficult times while watching Mommy fight for her life.”



“Mommy never doubted the close presence of Jesus walking through this journey with her.  She knew if it had been her time to go to Heaven, Jesus would have been right there waiting for her.  And Jesus replied, “I assure you, today you will be with me in paradise.”



“We never wanted to miss this time together as a family.  Reading the Bible, playing music, singing, and praying to God kept our family strong and united through Mommy’s entire cancer journey.”

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Some quotes from Barbara:

“At first, facing death was a great struggle for me.  If I died, how could I leave my husband and children behind.  Although I knew I would be in Heaven, the thought of leaving them strangled my heart with fears and sadness.”

“As a Christian, I was afraid to not believe God would heal me, yet I was afraid to be afraid.”

“I knew in my heart that if I were to die, the one thing my children would never forget, was that Mommy would see them again in Heaven.”

“The shape of the cloud produced an image of a child in the womb.  God was answering my question of life – that He is the Creator of life, life begins in the womb, and my life rested in His hands.  Jeremiah 1:5a”

“I never imagined breast cancer at age 40. I was very healthy and it came as a complete shock and life turnover. My days with my husband and children seemed as though they slipped out of my hands the moment they told me I had three cancer masses, two types of cancer, and one the aggressive type which later had been found to spread to my lymph nodes.”

“All I wanted and pleaded for was more days to tuck my children in to bed at night and to walk upstairs holding my husband’s hand for no reason other than I just wanted to show him how much I loved him. Take a moment every day and show your husband and your children just what a cherished blessing they are to you. Don’t let the busyness of this lifetime steal those precious moments. “



In honor of  Breast Cancer Awareness

“Dear God Please Heal Mommy’s Cancer”

is only $12.95 for the month of October

(All proceeds go to the HSLDA Widow’s Fund)

Notes from the author on the impact and uses of this book:

Parents have used this book’s real-life, 8×8, full color photos to break the news to their young children while sharing what might lie ahead in their own journey.

Patients have shared how seeing the photos of actual CAT Scan and MRI testing machines, along with the radiation and chemotherapy rooms, alleviated their fears of the unknown.  Patients also noted the scriptures on each page helped them cope and bring peace to the different stages of their journey.

Husbands have commented that they were better prepared to help their wives and families after reading how my husband took care of me and our children.

Grandparents have used the book to tell their grandchildren, “Grandma has cancer and this is what cancer looks like in the cancer cell photos.”

Children have had their questions and fears relieved after seeing actual photos of a mother bald (usually one of their greatest concerns) and then seeing the large testing machines confirming a CAT Scan machine does not involve a real cat!  Definitely reassured!

Friends have used the book as a read-a-loud to their children demonstrating how they too could help cancer patients in their own church, neighborhood, and/or family.

Wives/Mothers have been enlightened by the pages describing how I faced dying and leaving my husband and children behind.

Women have been encouraged by seeing how I dealt with my hair and other losses, how I found joy in my suffering, and how Jesus Christ was with me every step of my journey.

The McCoskey’s family prayer is that this book continues to help hurting families, struggling patients, and caregivers who are searching for answers, comfort, peace, and joy.  The story is told from the voice of their then 7-year-old daughter with her 5-year-old brother at her side.

Please help in getting the word out on this wonderful resource by sharing this post with your friends and family.  I have ordered a copy for our family and several to keep on hand to share with others.  

Order Dear God, Please Heal Mommy’s Cancer from Truth Book Publishers for a special price of only $12.95 for the month of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness.

(All proceeds go to the HSLDA Widow’s Fund)


I will not die but live, and will proclaim what the LORD has done

Psalm 118:17




Marci is a lover of the Lord Jesus Christ, helpmeet to her sweetheart Doug for over 26 years, mother, mother-in-law, caregiver and grandmother. She is here by God’s grace and overwhelmed by His kindness in redeeming her as His daughter. Loving her husband, children and granddaughter, reading, home keeping, cooking, feeding lots of people and making lists are some of her favorite pastimes. You can find her at Thankful Homemaker where she shares about her walk with the Lord, her passion for biblical womanhood and living all of life for the glory of God.

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Katherine October 10, 2013

Lovely post. Thank you for sharing. ~Katherine W.

Lori Alexander October 10, 2013

Did she die?

Marci October 10, 2013

She is doing great Lori and enjoying her family. Praising the Lord for His healing hand in her life!

Rhonda Spain October 16, 2013

We lost our daughter this past year to cancer. Thirty-three, leaving behind a three year old daughter, and her husband. We are so devastated. We understand first hand the feelings and fears that she has had to face. God be with her and her family.

Marci October 29, 2013

Rhonda I am a bit late in seeing your comment and I so apologize. Dear sister please know you are being prayed for and I am wishing I could hug you in person. If there is anything you need please let me know. Barbara would love to send you a copy of her book. You can contact me directly at Much love to you and your family.

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