Cultivating the Fruit of the Spirit: PATIENCE (+ free embroidery pattern)

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This is the fourth installment of my nine-month series on The Fruit of the Spirit and its cultivation in our lives. With each post I’ll be including a free embroidery pattern download featuring the month’s topic.

Patience by Clementine Patterns

“But the fruit of the spirit is love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness and self-control; against such things there is no law.” Galatians 5:22-23

Patience . . . does that word make you a little fearful? Have you heard or even said, “Don’t pray for patience because God will send you trials”?

Well, let’s just all come clean. We all struggle with being patient because it goes against everything in us that screams, “Do it my way and on my time!”

When you see someone that is patient, don’t be fooled into thinking they were just born that way and there is simply no way you could ever be like that.

Patience is a fruit of the Spirit. If you are a believer then the Holy Spirit dwells within you. The patience is there, just like the other fruits of the Spirit. Patience is not that one fruit that is impossible to possess. It just needs to grow.

Cultivate it . . . look for ways to be patient, and put it into practice!

But before we can clearly see how we are to be patient, we need to understand God’s patience with us. To realize this, we have to ask the Lord to convict us. Memorize verses about patience, pray through them and ask the Lord to open your eyes. No growth can take place without having the deep realization that you cannot be patient in your own strength. It is only God who has the power to work the fruit of patience in you.

Are your children “making” you “lose” your patience? Look at what is happening when you “lose it”. Are you doing something that maybe you really don’t need to be doing when they interrupt “your time”? Your children are only going to be young for a season. Perhaps all those things that provoke you to impatience are really those sweet trials that the Lord is using to help you to grow and produce fruit. When you start to react impatiently, tell yourself “no”.

Developing a thankful attitude will also help cultivate patience. Instead of letting everyone know how impatient you are, make a point to be thankful and cheerful. (Have you ever thought about what you look like when you are losing your patience? Not too pretty! You might want to ponder on that for a spell . . .)

Maybe there is too much commotion or bickering going on and you think you are going to lose your mind! The bickering must not be allowed, but first check your own heart. Stop. Be thankful. God has placed you in a family, a family that desperately needs a mother who is cultivating the fruit of the Spirit.

Be thankful for the noise and messiness. Then get proactive and have your children work along side of you; take time to teach and train them. Extend to your children the mercy and patience that God shows you every day.

If you want to see the fruit of patience growing in your children, then “act, don’t react.” Cultivate patience in your life. Help them to see it and understand it by modeling it for them. Your children will rise up and call you blessed.

Patience by Clementine Patterns

Free “PATIENCE” Embroidery Pattern

As an extra way to remember to cultivate the fruit of the Spirit, we’ve created a free embroidery pattern from Clementine Patterns – just for you! This pattern makes for a great mother-daughter project. Plus, each month we’ll be offering a free pattern that directly ties in with the fruit of the Spirit for that month.

This month’s pattern features several graphics for Patience. Download the pattern for free by clicking here and embroider your own version of “Patience” for your home and family! (For personal use only. This PDF pattern is available for free download for two weeks – now through July 13th.) UPDATE: Now available here!

Pray. Be thankful for what the Lord teaches you. Learn.

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Julie June 29, 2012

Thank you for your well-timed post today. I had a very short night of sleep last night, and this is one of the very first things I read this morning. I had already prayed for help with my day, and I believe this was an answer to my prayer for being granted what I need to make it through today.

Cathy Burns July 2, 2012

I tried clicking on the link to download the free pattern, but it took me to a Google Drive page. I have no idea what that is. Any idea about how I can access this pattern? Thanks for the help!

Rhonda Devine July 10, 2012

Such words of wisdom–I always enjoy hearing what you have to share. Patience…..hmm..the Lord is definitely teaching me that in the midst of health trials:)

Miss seeing you,


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