Autumn Hospitality

by Amy on October 18, 2012 in Activities, Food, Fun, Hospitality

Something about the crispness in the air has always made my family feel like it is time to invite people over and enjoy wonderful fellowship time with others.  If you are looking for ways to offer hospitality to others during this Autumn season, here are a few ideas:

Now is the perfect time to burn that pile of debris that has accumulated in your yard.  Invite others over to roast marshmallows or hot dogs or just enjoy the warmth of the fire and the beauty of the season.

Apple Cider or Apple Butter or Applesauce Party
Invite others to bring along their pots, apple-peeler-corer-slicers,  apples, and whatever else might be needed.  Attendees bring home the fruits of their labor and the memories.

Caramel Apple Party
Make traditional caramel apples and let guests add their own toppings or do what we did this year with a tasty (and less messy) dip.

Invite friends over and ask them to bring their favorite soup or bread.  Or as our church did recently, just ask them to bring a family-favorite dish.  This is great for Sunday afternoons or weeknights during Fall.

Heavy Hors d’œuvres
My mom thought I made up this name, but this is something that appears at many of the functions we attend for my husband’s work.  These hors d’œuvres are meant to replace a meal and consist of meats and cheeses, dips and veggies, spreads and crackers, and plenty of it so that no one goes away hungry.  These are wonderful for families because they are basically a meal full of finger foods!  And don’t be afraid to ask your guests to bring something to contribute because this kind of get together can easily be created from things you have sitting in the pantry.

Wood Cutting Party
Need some wood cut for the season?  Need a little help?  Invite friends over and while the men cut to their heart’s content, the women prepare a hearty meal to fill their hungry tummies when the cutting is done.

Autumn Crafting Party
There are wonderful ideas on the internet (especially Pinterest) this time of year that center around Fall-related crafts.  Try this one from My Blessed Life or this one from Everything Etsy.  If you are inviting entire families, be sure to choose crafts that are family friendly.

Many blessings to all of you this Autumn!


Amy of is the homeschooling mother of 7 living children and one precious little girl named Emily being held in the Lord’s arms. Her days are filled with giggly girls, rambunctious boys and sticky baby kisses. At night, she writes about it all. It is her deepest desire that out of the overflow of her heart, her mouth should speak…and her fingers type.

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Jenifer October 18, 2012

These sound so fun! But I think all of my parties in Oct. are birthday parties for little girls:)

Gin October 18, 2012

I love to throw a party–these are helpful ideas. Thanks!

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