A letter to my unborn child

by Hannah on November 1, 2012 in Inspiration in Child Rearing

Dear Small One,

We have not yet met face to face, though I feel you very much alive as my belly rolls with your turns.  Oh that I could always protect and harbor you as you are now!  This world you are soon to enter is a rough one, and already your very existence has been called into question – the very value of your life joked about and scorned.

I want you to know, small one, that you are alive for a reason.  You have purpose and destiny and no one can negate with their words the fact that you are created by a Creator who loves you.  As I’m sure you can already hear, there is a lot of life going on outside your current snug little home.  As I type out these words, your brothers and sisters are racing bikes down the driveway, the dogs are barking and giving chase, the fall wind is whipping around everyone and everything and the siblings closest in age to you are climbing and cuddling around your growing form.

Each of us is thrilled and excited with the anticipation of soon meeting you nose to nose and saying “hello”.  You are wanted and loved.  Your brother, Chase, who is four, has carefully helped fold and sort your wee clothes and Ella, who’s six, piles and pats the stack of adorable little cloth diapers waiting for you.  We all talk about how soft you’ll be and how awesome it is that God is sending us you. There are guesses all around about your name, how much you’ll weigh, when exactly you’ll come, and how long you are.  Soon the final guesses will be written down and when you do arrive, the best guesser from each category will be rewarded with a little extra chocolate sweetness.

The cradle is waiting with clean, soft vintage bedding.  Stacks of meals are made and frozen for your arrival.  Snacks and new little toys and books to help occupy your siblings will wait in a basket by my bed and your papa is searching and searching for a bigger vehicle that will hold us all.

I’m writing this because I want you to know right from the start that you are wanted and you are loved and that you aren’t any sort of mistake.  After three children, your papa and I thought we were done having babies, upon finding out that any future children had a high probablility of malformed kidneys as one of your older brothers does.  We are so glad God intervened against our wishes.  I find it hard for my mother’s heart to understood this culture that can accept the notion of loving a first or second child but cannot comprehend loving a seventh miracle and wonder, which is what you are.  I’ve protected you thus far from stinging words, from those who claim to know Christ but do quickly forget how God values life and children.

I won’t be able to protect you forever.  When your life is questioned, small one, hold your head high as a child of God.  When assumptions are made about your life, your home, family or your financial backing, smile and bless those who curse you. Take delight in being a person of purpose, in the joyful mayhem of your home, of endless playmates and room to run and a mama who makes treats and loves hugs and a papa to gives scratchy kisses and tickles.  Take joy in knowing and being known by God. Savor the richness of being so very much anticipated and loved.

See you soon,

Your mama, Hannah


Hannah is an ordinary woman, saved by an extraordinary grace. Married for fourteen years, she and her husband have a house of joyful mayhem with three sons and three daughters. Hannah loves lattes, re-arranging furniture, thrifting, handcrafts, and writing and counts falling into bed exhausted as a sign of a really good day. She blogs at Cultivating Home.

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Staci November 1, 2012

We only have four children, but people act like that’s way too many. I can only imagine being pregnant with a seventh. What a blessing from the Lord, though! Not EVERYONE thinks that you are “crazy,” so just remember that on hard days. 🙂

Mrs. Sarah Coller November 1, 2012

Blessings to you, Hannah! Our 9th sweet little one is due in 6 weeks…I will save this for her box of special things, as this is how I feel about her too!

Mrs. Sarah Coller

Magi- Half Acre Heaven November 1, 2012

What a joy to stumble upon a guest post here at Raising Homemakers! I’ve been checking Cultivating Home the last few days, wondering if the newest little one had made an entrance yet! Blessing to you all!

Jen November 1, 2012

I loved this as well, so much of it I could say as well to my little #6 due to be born any day now! Thanks for sharing

Kaylee November 1, 2012

What a precious letter to your little one. Thank you for sharing this with us

alissa November 1, 2012

Congratulations! I am due in 5 weeks with our 4th child and get so many negative remarks. I’m sure you get them also. Every child is a blessing from God. We have been told that this little one has a minor kidney malformation and all the scary things that can come from it, but we are choosing to believe that God is watching over her and she will be perfectly fine (which the ultrasounds have been showing all along.) I love your letter, it perfectly says how I feel about my sweet baby!

Jenifer November 2, 2012

I loved this. We too have seven children and every one is worth the effort.

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