Valentine Thoughts for Young Women… {and a Giveaway!}

by Jennifer on February 14, 2011 in Faithfulness, Giveaways, Inspiration in Child Rearing, Purpose, Unity Between Generations


Since Valentine’s Day is here….
I thought it would be a good time to reflect on the subject of radiant purity for young women. A young
lady can give her future husband something so priceless, and that is her gift of purity.
I have been asked before by many ladies for my recommendation of books that have been most helpful to
me in this area. The truth of the matter is, it’s not only books that have inspired me to strive after radiant
purity, but most importantly it was the women in my life who impacted me the most. It was the faithful
daughter who I saw at church growing up, who was content in the Lord, pure and satisfied in Him. It was
the godly mother who was raising her own daughters in feminine loveliness that made a difference to me
and it was my own mother who encouraged me to strive after true Biblical womanhood, no matter what the
cost. These are but a few of the women in my life who have encouraged me in a path of purity that is not so
popular, nor is it a path taken by many.
I plead with you dear reader, do not under estimate your
example to other women. Whether young or old,
you can have a dynamic influence on that one
woman who might be watching your life.
Mothers, your calling is sacred and so significant,
the magnitude of it is immense, you have the ability to help steer your
daughter’s heart toward godly chastity.
The Lord can use your influence and example to affect the many
generations to come, who will be shining cornerstones for God’s glory!

In honor of this special day…
We will be having a giveaway of two delightful books!
{treasured favorites of mine}
The Princess and the Kiss
By Jennie Bishop
& {because we just can’t forget the little gents!}
The Squire and the Scroll
By Jennie Bishop

To enter this giveaway
simply leave a comment!
{optional: specify which book you would like}

For Extra Entries:
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or Blog about it
{please leave a separate comment
for each thing you do}
Giveaway ends on February 22nd.

Many Blessings,
Miss Jen, Blessed Femina

“That our sons may be as plants grown up in their youth; that our daughters may be as corner stones, polished after the similitude of a palace…” ~Psalm 144:12


Living her dream of being a wife, mother and homemaker. Jen happily resides in sweet home Alabama. She firmly believes that the home is a beautiful canvas for biblical hospitality, servanthood and discipleship. All aspects of homemaking are on her list of interests including gourmet cooking, baking, calligraphy, sewing and embroidery. She is also inspired by photography, music, theology and biblical womanhood. Jen blogs at Blessed Femina, which she founded in the fall of 2008 to encourage other women in Biblical femininity. And is the artist/owner of Arabella Calligraphy. It is her greatest desire to live a life depicted in I Corinthians 10:31: "So whether you eat or drink or whatever you do, do it all for the glory of God."

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